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We help you restore your levels of health and vitality
by using the latest Scientific research combined with
traditional Naturopathic techniques and Clinical Nutrition,
to address the underlying cause(s) of your health issues.

Live Blood Screening
Maintaining the quality of our blood is essential if we
are to stay healthy, happy, and energetic as we get older.
Our bloodstreams carry millions of cells, with the combined
goal of keeping our bodies alive, fit and healthy.

Naturopathic Medicine is a system of health care that
directly addresses the underlying cause of illness and
disease by using a systems oriented approach in order
to restore balance to the body and mind.

DNA Testing
We’re excited to announce that fitness DNA analysis
is now available at Regenerative Health!
It’s time to put your health first.

Nutritional Therapy
With all the conflicting information on diets in the media
today, it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to decide
which diet is best, and more importantly which one is right
for you.

Heart Rate Variability
Heart Rate Variability is one of the most important
measures of heart health, but it’s rarely talked about.

Mitochondrial Therapy
Our physical health is ultimately dependent on the health
of our cells, or to be more precise, the health of the
mitochondria within our cells.