I’m Martin Raybould, General Manager and Co-Director of Regenerative Health.

Like Virginia I believe that taking care of your health in a preventative way is more important now than ever before. I share Virginia’s vision of creating a Natural Health and Wellness Clinic that is open and accessible to everyone, and that helps to promote natural ways of remaining fit, healthy and well as we get older.

I am a Furniture Designer and Cabinet Maker by trade, which came in handy when we decided to convert an old dilapidated barn into a Health and Wellbeing clinic! My hope is that the healing space that Virginia and I have created together in the heart of Staffordshire will provide our clients and friends with a unique space in which to unwind and relax, whilst receiving some of the most cutting edge, natural treatments for health and wellbeing.

Here at Regenerative health, we offer a unique service which suits everyone from an athlete seeking to perform to their highest ability, to the chronically ill patient, hoping to find a solution to improve their health.

Our facilities offer a trilogy of tests to help any athlete perform to their potential:
1. Live Blood Analisis
2. DNA Testing
3. Heart Rate Variability

These are three unique tests which will unlock a wealth of knowledge to help improve marginal gains – giving you, the athlete the cutting edge, and helping your to understand more about your inner physiology.

I also believe that Regenerative Health offers a unique service for those people with chronic, long-term, health challenges, who are looking to make positive changes to their health, through diet and life-style.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the preventative aspect of having regular, 6 monthly health checks in order to keep our clients healthy, energetic and well, so that they are able to perform at their best, no matter what the circumstances.

My day-to-day involvement with the business has grown organically as the business has evolved and grown. I now spend some time each day working on business development, marketing and finance for Regenerative Health as well as my own bespoke furniture business. My goal is to help Regenerative health to grow, seeking out only the best facilities and products for our practitioners to deliver a service, which will meet all of our clients requirements.

I am always available if you need any advice on any of our products or services.

For any questions on products, or sales or marketing enquiries please contact me on 07983 569310.