Set out below are the terms and conditions for all services provided by the Regenerative Health & Wellness Clinic.

  • The clinic requires 48 hours notice for appointment cancellations. Failure to give the required notice will result in you being charged a cancellation fee.

If you fail to attend an appointment without giving due notice, we may charge a cancellation fee and require you to pay for all future treatments in advance. Clients who have purchased a course of sessions, but fail to attend their appointment will be charged for their missed treatment.

  • Please arrive for your appointment approximately 15 minutes in advance, so that any necessary paper work can be completed. Late arrival may result in reduced treatment time. Regenerative Health will endeavour to ensure that your appointment runs to time; however, should we need to cancel or postpone your appointment at short notice, we will make every effort to contact you in advance.
  • Prior to your appointment, we will inform you of any preparation required before your session. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in reduced treatment time, or in some instances, cancellation of your appointment.


  • All bookings must be paid for in full prior to each session commencing.
  • If you have paid for a course of sessions, and are subsequently unable to complete the course, we will offer you a refund, calculated by deducting the full list price of all sessions already taken, plus any charged for non-attendance, from the total price of the course of sessions, and return the difference to you.


We will always assess whether a particular programme or service is suitable for you, or likely to be successful, prior to any treatment being carried out. If not, we will inform you as to the reasons why. You will not be liable for the cost of the initial consultation where applicable.


Regenerative Health will not be liable, tort or otherwise for any economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of profit), or for any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with its provision of any goods and/or services to the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she provides Regenerative Health with all relevant medical details prior to each session. Regenerative Health will not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of the client’s failure to disclose such details.

The client agrees to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations given to them by Regenerative Health.


Regenerative Health endeavours to treat all its clients appropriately, compassionately and fairly. If, however you have an issue with any matter in relation to your treatment at Regenerative Health, you are entitled to lodge a complaint, either verbally, by telephone or in writing. If you require assistance with making your complaint, Regenerative Health will be pleased to help you in this matter.


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Tues Birmingham Holistic Centre, Kings Norton
Thurs/Friday Lifeways Natural Therapy Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon.

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